Phase 1 has begun in the Southern Tier and we can't wait until Phase 2 and we hope it will happen in days and not weeks. According to Broome County Clerk Joesph Mihalko, the Broome County DMV offices will not be re-opening to the public today (May 15th) as part of Phase 1.

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There are many of us that hope that it will be a part of Phase 2. For all the latest Broome County DMV-related news and updates, go here Speaking of the DMV.

Have you wondered what's happened to the new license plates that were supposed to come out on April 1st? They weren't stopped because of the coronavirus pandemic, it's because they were defective.

The state recalled the license plates because they couldn't read the E-ZPass. When they started manufacturing them, they found out that some of the new plates were too reflective for the street cameras. They could read one big block but not the numbers.

Some were shipped to counties by mistake but there wasn't any issued to drivers. There were over 15,000 plates that were recalled and they'll be stockpiled for later use. They won't be thrown away and will be eventually be reissued.

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