Many other game lovers and I have been waiting for the new Xbox to come out. Its been 8 years since Microsoft put out there last console and here's the new one.

The Xbox One


The new box looks very interesting. It is voice-activated, and all you need to do is say "watch TV" and it will go to live TV. It's definitely a change in how you play games, watch TV, listen to music, and how you use the internet.

You can also control all the media with gestures, so move your hand, grab the movie and drag it to make it smaller. "Snap" mode also allows you to use two forms of media at once, like playing a game and watching TV. Or a movie and internet browsing.

Here is the operating system

They basically include the Kinect along with the box, instead of a separate, optional purchase. But the new Kinect sensor takes about 13 billionths of a second to notice you.

Here's the insides of the new remote, not much of a step up, but still sleek.



What about the games you may be asking? The games look incredible and are running on a new engine called Ignite.






Forza Motorsports 5

Here's a look at the new Call of Duty game.

Microsoft said it will be coming out later this year and they will tell us more about the Xbox One as time goes on. Start saving up now!



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