The alcohol industry is getting its own form of a Tide Pod.

Calling all whiskey lovers; there's a new way to drink your whiskey. According to the Washington Post, The Glenlivet has released what they call the 'Capsule Collection'. Wrapped in seaweed and filled with whiskey, think of an alcoholic Tide Pod.

The Washington Post reports that The Glenlivet calls them a 'perfect flavor-explosion experience.' All you do is pop one of the capsules in your mouth for an instant burst of flavor and then swallow. I'm assuming you bite into it to get the capsule to release the flavor since the seaweed encases it all.

The flavors are a zesty citrus mix, spie, and wood. The Washington Post reports that the zesty cocktail miz has flavors of bergamot, sherry, and lemon. The spice variety has verjus and two kinds of bitters. The wood flavor has vermouth and hints of sandalwood and cedarwoods. Sadly, if you want to get one of the capsules, it's only available through October 13, 2019, for patrons of the Tayer+Elemenatary bar in London, England.

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