The silent film Gutterdammerung, proudly labeled as "the loudest silent movie on Earth," just keeps racking up names to the already star-studded cast that includes Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, Tom Araya, Lemmy Kilmister, members of Volbeat, and more. The latest additions to the cast over the last couple weeks include Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and the legendary six-stringer Slash.

Each musician will play a specific role in the film, which was already metal enough before adding anyone to the cast. In a world devoid of sin, the Devil's guitar is sent back to Earth to restore misbehavior. Homme's character will wield a bazooka named "Death's Dominion" that is said to bring the dead back to life. While Homme stalks the Earth with this weapon, Slash will be on a quest for the "phallic tool of eternal torment," which sounds like the counterpart to the gruesome medieval tool of torture, the vaginal pear.

The film was co-written by Henry Rollins and directed by visionary Björn Tagemose. Gutterdammerung promises to be "part rock show, part immersive cinema experience" and is certain to titillate heavy metal fans around the globe. Huge explosions, badass weaponry, and the Devil all fit within the realm of what is typically seen at arena metal shows, so this film will just heighten the visual experience associated with heavy metal fanatacism.

With an expected release date of late 2015, the film will also boast a touring band, of which the details have yet to be disclosed. The band will play at each viewing along with a narrator to provide a full-fledged, mind-blowing experience.

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