The Jonas Brothers are back together, but only for one show. In Mexico. Without Kevin. Wait, WTF is going on here?

Chill, Jo-Broaholics. The Bros. recently announced their split as a musical group (since they are blood related and can't exactly sever those ties), due to musical differences, among other things. But they took the stage at the Telehit Awards Concert in Mexico City on Nov. 13.

They were honoring a previously booked commitment, but it was only two-thirds of the band. It was just Joe and Nick, as Kevin -- who is expecting a daughter with wife Danielle -- elected to sit this one out.

Sounds like Kevin is done with the band for good, right? Well, the dad-to-be didn't partake in "the reunion" since he is "focusing on his business ventures," a source told E! -- and Kev did say that was his new passion when the boys detailed their split on 'GMA.' He's also co-hosting the TeenNick HALO Awards on Nov. 17, which further explains his MIA status from Telehit.

During an interview to promote the appearance, Joe (former BF of Taylor Swift and others) and Nick (former BF of both Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez) were asked which former Disney darling they'd rather date: Miley or Selena.

Yep, the interviewer went there.

"You just stirred up a lot more drama than you think," Nick diplomatically replied. "So we prefer to stay neutral. We're Switzerland in the situation."

Spoken like a true politician.

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