March 19. That's the day my mom, my daughter and myself were scheduled to fly to Paris. We were to spend four days in the City of Lights before hopping a flight to Ireland and exploring the farming community where my Rock ancestors originated.

It was the vacation of a lifetime, but like so many others, our plans were dashed by COVID-19. Instead of waiting in lines for baguettes on the hill of Montemarte, I waited on hold with my airline for hours trying to arrange for a refund on my canceled flight.

March, April and May rolled by quickly as we broadcasted our shows from our homes. The next thing I knew, it was nearly the Fourth of July weekend and I hadn't taken a vacation day yet. Even worse, looking at our online human resources portal, I realized that none of the Fun 107 airstaff had taken any vacation days.

This is a problem for a couple of different reasons. First, when you're in this business, it is vital to stay fresh and rested. We are expected to be "on stage" for four or five hours a day, every day. There's no room for having a low key, low energy day. This is one of the reasons why I'm such a big proponent of using vacation time. I firmly believe that employees that utilize their vacation days are more productive employees.

Secondly, if no one uses their vacation time this summer because there is nowhere to go, that could potentially cause problems towards the end of the year. Our company has a use-it-or-lose-it policy when it comes to vacation days. We are not allowed to accumulate a bank of unused vacation days that can be cashed in or used in bulk in the future. With so many people not using vacation days, it could cause a situation where everyone's desired vacation days may not be approved.

If you have not yet used any vacation days in 2020, trust me when I tell you that your boss wants you to use your time. Even if you have to make it a staycation filled with Home Depot trips and projects, it is better than giving the days off to your employer.

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