In front of our Townsquare Media studios at 34 Chestnut Street in Oneonta yesterday, there was a crew filling sidewalk potholes (not cracks) with ugly blacktop fill.  You can see the result above.  There is no attempt at all to make it look nice, it's simply preventing some poor pedestrian from falling in a giant hole.  I'm not blaming the workers.  They were just doing their job.

Ugly sidewalks are not the only eyesore.  The large amount of weeds growing out of sidewalk cracks and building foundations on Chestnut Street and other streets right off Main Street in Downtown Oneonta are a sign to visitors that Oneonta just doesn't seem to care enough.  These are streets frequented by area residents and visitors alike and send a sorry message.

I know the city can't do it all but in the area (not just Main Street) that we consider our "beautiful and historic Downtown Oneonta"  proper, nice looking sidewalks can make a big difference in the look of an area.  Revitalization money would be well spent on this project in my humble opinion, but don't take my word for it, let the photos speak for themselves. My question to the City of Oneonta is: how bad does a sidewalk have to get before you decide to replace it?

In front of the Chestnut St. NBT Bank parking lot
Sidewalk potholes filled with ugly asphalt