Considering Demi Lovato is closer with the Jonas Brothers than any of their fellow Disney alumni, it's only natural that the 'Neon Lights' singer would be asked about their split. Does she have any inside details or insight onto the sudden breakup that shook the boy band's world?

"I keep in contact with them all the time," Lovato said sternly to E! News after this week's double-elimination on 'X Factor.' "They're brothers to me, and I've spent -- I've gone through so much with them."

Those things include 'Camp Rock,' tours, a failed PR relationship with Joe Jonas and songwriting with Nick, to named a few! And even then, she was still shocked by the band's breakup. But still, Lovato was characteristically mature and tactful when asked about the sudden shocker to the music and tween world.

"I think everyone was surprised," she admitted. "I don't think anyone was expecting it, but they're off doing their own things and they're happy and I support them."

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