What's not in debate is that Washington Park in New York's capital of Albany was once a cemetery. Where conjecture and urban legend come into play is that some say that bodies are still there.

Albany.org says that before Washington Park was created, the land was known as State Street Burying Grounds and it reportedly held 40,000 bodies, many with unmarked graves. You can't put a park on top of dead people so the graves needed to be relocated. How do you move that many bones without losing a few? According to locals, some of the bodies remain.

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As I conducted my investigation I visited Albany Rural Cemetery to take some photographs. Take a look at this image that I captured and, before scrolling further, see if you spot anything creepy.

Lainie Rae

Now let me zoom in for you.

Lainie Rae

I appears to me that there is a face on this headstone and it's watching me take his picture. Keep scrolling to see what else I was able to "dig up".

Washington Park Cemetery, Albany

Washington Park in Albany was once a cemetery. Some say bodies remain buried in the park.

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