Thanksgiving is less than a week away and Christmas is just four short weeks behind that, but will the holidays be what you are hoping for? Consumer experts have been declaring new shortages seemingly every day but just how they will impact the season remains to be seen.

Personally, I bought into the pumpkin shortage weeks ago and grabbed some extra cans for ensuring pumpkin pie was on the table for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now I hit the market and see overflowing shelves of pumpkin and wonder if it was really true.

Many consumer experts seem to love spouting doom and gloom about all things holiday. Gift shortages, food shortages and shipping issues of all kinds are said to be ahead this year but how it will really make a difference in how you celebrate remains to be seen.

If you ask me, the 2021 holidays are not about the things under the tree or the food on the table. They are about finally getting together with the whole family to celebrate again.

Last year, my family did quiet, single household Thanksgivings and a Zoom Christmas. Even though we have all seen each other since, it just isn't the same as gathering together for the holidays. So if we have blueberry pie on the table and fewer gifts under the tree, or if the tree is tiny and the lights are old and blinky, it doesn't matter.

Having everyone together in one place and one time is all I need this holiday, so these expected shortages are certainly not going to make me start hoarding goods I don't really need. I mean, where's the holiday spirit in that?

Whether they worry you or not, these are the ten shortages experts say we should expect for the holidays

Consumer experts seems to be adding new items to the list of things in high demand, but short supply every day. These are the top things on their list that could affect your holiday this year.

Luckily there won't be a shortage of beautiful light displays

It's not just your neighbors decorating for the holidays anymore. Local zoos, theme parks and other big businesses are getting in the holiday light display game as well, and there are some amazing sites to be seen across Massachusetts and Rhode Island this season – some without even getting out of your car.

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