There is just something about being a street performer in Boston that is extremely lucky.

I know that sounds a bit weird, but people performing on the streets of Beantown often find themselves face to face with the artists whose songs they are performing.

Just this week The Lumineers were hanging out in Boston and ended up sharing video of a man playing their song "Ophelia" on a piano. Sam Spencer was so into what he was playing he didn't even know that Jeremiah Fraites from The Lumineers was right there watching him play (and playing along).

Spencer ended up with an invite to tonight's Lumineers show at Xfinity Center in Mansfield and, who knows, maybe he'll get brought out on stage to play with the band.

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But he's not the only Boston street performer with this type of amazing luck.

Last October Radha Rao was playing "All of Me" by John Legend outside at Faneuil Hall when who should show up but Legend himself.

Much like Spencer, Rao was approached by the artist and given huge hugs and props for her stunning vocal abilities.

Legend was also in town for a show when he spotted the Boston street performer and presumably, she got some tickets as well. Better than that has got to be meeting an artist you love and having them enjoy your rendition of their track. Both of these local performers got a taste of that.

With the summer concert season just heating up, artists better brush up on their tracks by touring bands and artists. Clearly, you never know who's going to be out there in Boston listening to you play.

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