Halloween Safety Tips For Trick or Treaters
Goblins and ghouls will soon take to the streets in search of Halloween treats.  Lets make sure it is a safe holiday for monsters of all sizes.  There are some basic safety tips that all trick or treaters need to know.
Download Printable 'Gotham' Halloween Masks
If you're a fan of Gotham, then you may already have picked out your Halloween costume as one of the show's exciting and compelling characters, like Sad Child or Policeman With No Moustache. If, however, you've been putting things off, then don't worry: FOX has your back. In cele…
Easy DIY Costume Ideas for Kids [Videos]
Halloween is fast approaching but what is more scary is that you still have to come up with costumes for the kids!  Never fear, easy, do-it-yourself, Halloween costumes ideas are here.

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