adoptable pets

Pet Of The Week -- 'Audrey'
This week we are featuring Audrey, a very playful, 1-year-old female cat who enjoys flopping over on her back to get attention. She is affectionate but does enjoy play nibbling when you pet her.
Pet Of The Week -- 'Lucas'
Lucas is an extremely sweet, 2-year-old dog who has had a very rough start in life but he would make a wonderful pet for the right person or family.
Pet Of The Week -- 'Tiggy'
Tiggy is a male cat who is almost 8 years old and would make the perfect companion! His personality is the purrfect combination of sweet and sassy.
Pet Of The Week -- 'Stewie'
Folks often overlook Stewie because he is on a special diet to prevent him from developing more bladder stones in the future, but we know that if you give him the chance, he will provide you with so much love that the little bit of extra money for food will be worth it.
Pet Of The Week -- 'Ariya'
Ariya has been with the shelter for quite some time now because she often gets overlooked, but the staff promises that if you give Ariya a chance, she will definitely win your heart!
Pet Of The Week -- 'Oreo'
Oreo is a 5-month-old, male Australian Cattle Dog mix who loves to play. Because he has lots of energy, he would benefit from a family who would enjoy bringing him along on all of their adventures