The athletes have been training for the last four years. The city has been preparing for the last seven years. And the fans have been booking their tickets for months and months. The 2012 London Summer Olympics are upon us!

No matter where you are, you won’t be able to make it to every match. But don’t worry– the ecstasy of victory and the agony of defeat are as close as your phone. With these mobile apps you can cheer on your team and make sure you don’t miss a moment of excitement. Go USA!

London 2012 Join In

The Official app of the London Olympics, this massive resource serves as a guide to the games as well as a guide to London itself. Not only will all of the sporting events be listed, but free events around London will also be updated so that the user can get the full British experience. The truly tech-loving fan can even use this app to engage their camera phone and show overlays with key venues.

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London Bus Checker

Nothing is worse than waiting for a bus not knowing when it might arrive, especially if you’re trying to get from one event to another quickly. This app lets you know routes, when the next bus is due and in case you’ve really been living up the nightlife, has a built-in alarm to wake you up at your stop.

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Olympic 2012 Calendar & Medal

This easy-to-use app provides you with a countdown to the games and will give you a clear schedule of events so you can plan your days accordingly, whether you’re watching in person or online. The medal tally lets you easily see who’s ahead so you can keep up the smack-talk with your Russian cousins.

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NBC Olympics App

Don’t just watch the Olympics — engage them. NBC’s official app allows you to not only follow the medal count and stories about the events, but also lets users interact with one another through their Facebook and Twitter streams.

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London 2012 Official Mobile Game

So maybe you haven’t been eating an all-protein diet, doing 3,000 sit-ups a day and waking up at 4am for training sessions for the last four years. That doesn’t mean you can’t compete! With this official Olympic game app, virtual you can reach Michael Phelps levels of success with much less effort. (And fewer carbs.) Users should be careful though — play it too much and you might strain your thumbs.

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Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports

The Olympics are the rare event that brings us all together, sports fans and non-sports fans alike. Even if you were more drama geek than all-star jock in high school, you can still cheer for your team like a pro. This handy app explains the events to you, so you don’t end up being that guy who’s asking what inning the basketball game is in.

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BBC Olympics

One of the best parts of the Olympics is exposing yourself to all of the different countries and cultures. Even if you aren’t able to make the trip to the UK for the game, you can still get the full British experience by following the competitions on England’s own BBC. With a page for every competing country, this app will give you the true international feel that the Olympic Games embodies.

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Coventry 2012

Though London is the home to the majority of the Olympic Games, not everything will be happening there. In particular the soccer matches, or “football” to the rest of the world, will be taking place outside of London in Coventry. This app will keep you up to date on everything happening in Coventry so that you don’t miss a single GOAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!

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2012 Team USA Road to London

Don your best red, white and blue and support Team USA with this official app. Not only will you get updates on the athletes and competitions, but you can also send personal messages letting them know just how amazing you think they are. And if you really want to cheer the home team in style, you can buy official Team USA gear through this app as well.

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Sports Tracker

It’s pretty fun to sit on your couch watching top athletes compete for a few weeks, but after a while, all those medal ceremonies might actually get you wanting to get up and move. If you start to think that Rio de Janeiro sounds like your kind of city, use this app to help motivate you to train for 2016. This app will analyze your performance, track your workout data and help you get into top shape.

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