With Guns N' Roses fans still rabid for a reunion of the Appetite for Destruction lineup, former GN'R drummer Steven Adler made an appearance on Eddie Trunk Live. Speaking in-depth about a potential reunion, Adler says he's heard no talk of a comeback from any classic members, adding that Duff McKagan and Slash may not interested in working with him for various reasons.

Steven Adler has been extremely vocal about his desire to reunite the Appetite lineup, claiming "the whole arena would cry with joy." Adler is probably dead right about that, but believes Slash and McKagan won't reunite with him. "I love those guys, and I always will, but Duff, he doesn't think I'm cool," Adler tells Eddie Trunk [via Blabbermouth]. "He doesn't think I'm a cool guy. This is what people tell me. And he doesn't think I'm cool and that I'm not that great of a drummer."

Back in 2013, Duff invited Steven Adler's current band, Adler, to play some shows together in Japan, but Adler's drinking caused some friction. "The second I got to the airport, I made a beeline for the bar, and I just started doing shots of Jäger," Adler admitted. "And the whole trip I was sick and I was just a mess. And, you know, Duff's sober and he's very judgmental and forgetful of where he came from. And he was just so bummed and pissed at me."

Steven Adler celebrated one year of sobriety back in January, claiming to this day that he's continued to abstain from alcohol and drugs. According to Adler, however, Slash isn't buying it. "Slash, he doesn't believe that I have 21 months and 21 days sober," Adler explained. "He doesn't believe it. I don't know why, but they forget that at one time in their life, they were doing drugs and drinking and they were f---ing up. They forget that they were like that too. Duff has got 20 years sober or more, Slash has got, like, 11 or 12 years sober, and I've got a year, nine months and 21 days. So everybody gets it at a different time. I'm just thankful I got it."

Despite Slash's apparent disbelief towards Adler's sobriety, the drummer claims he's remained in touch with Slash, though they haven't seen each other in person for quite some time.

"Even if the GN'R thing doesn't happen, I'm still gonna do what I'm doing every day," Adler said. "I'm gonna keep living, being happy, practicing, playing with my band. I wasted enough time in a blackout, in a haze. I'm living now."

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