The Seattle court system is looking into a former Pearl Jam management firm executive who has been charged with 33 counts of theft. Ricky Charles Goodrich is accused of pilfering hundreds of thousands of dollars from the band.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports that King County prosecutors claim that Goodrich used his position to steal $380,000 from the band’s management company, Curtis Management, during the four years he was the CFO before he was fired in 2010. All totaled, Seattle Police estimate the thefts costs the management company $566,000, including investigative expenses.

The prosecutors in the case state that Goodrich used the band’s accounts to help offset his own personal debt and used band credit cards to pay off personal expenses like vacations and wine. When confronted with the discrepancies by investigators, Goodrich claimed to have cleared the “loans” with his supervisor, but later repaid $55,000 to the company. Court documents show that Goodrich admitted to owing $300,000 to his former employer.

Goodrich oversaw finances pertaining to the band’s tours and their fan club Ten Club. He apparently claimed to have paid the band members and crew money that never was actually distributed.

Kelly Curtis, the band’s manager and head of Curtis Management, stated, “We are deeply saddened by this situation.” He added that they are “looking forward to a resolution” of the case.

Goodrich will appear in King County Superior Court on June 28 to enter his plea.