There is a big, new change in New York State if you have a brand new baby. New York State Governor made the announcement earlier this week. New York State will be expanding the New York Paid Family Leave Act to give FULL pay to New York State employees for 12 full weeks.

Who exactly is getting full pay for free for the 12 weeks?

The new update is for New York State employees.

By extending fully paid parental leave to over 80 percent of State employees, New York is leading by example and providing a critical line of support for hardworking families", said New York State Governor Kathy Hochul according to the New York State website.

When can I take Paid Family Leave?

You can take leave for anyone you are taking care of within your family including biological siblings, adopted siblings, stepsiblings and half-siblings, parents, and kids. There may be certain time constraints and limits. You should look at the New York State website to look at details depending on your situation.

What about the rest of us who do not work for New York State?

Any other New Yorker that is trying to get Paid Family Leave for 12 weeks gets only 67% of their average weekly pay. The New York State maximum weekly benefit that you can receive is $1,131.08.

In addition to the new laws and benefits that New York State has put in place, Paid Family Leave is also now including taking care of your siblings as of 2023. In November 2021, Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation expanding family care to cover siblings in 2023 for Paid Family Leave.

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