I had a wonderful meal at Rosa's Italian Restaurant in Bainbridge on Sunday night.  Large portions, good spaghetti flavor, to die for garlic knots and some tangy Italian salad dressing that reminded me of my own Mom's "kickapoo" dressing.

When it was time for the bill ($23 for two) I gave the waitress $28.00 and told her to keep the change.  She informed me that she was unable to accept a tip since that was the restaurant's policy.  She did say if I really wanted to leave a tip that any money goes to the Bainbridge after-school program.  She assured me that she and the other staff members were well compensated for their jobs.

I left $35.

Congratulations to Rosa's.  For 20 years they have been offering delicious meals in a comfortable setting.  And they have been giving back to their Bainbridge community.