A library in Upstate New York found something really unusual among their collection: the mummified hand of their first librarian.

We've all had that experience: you're cleaning out a forgotten corner of a closet or a neglected shelf in the basement when you stumble upon something you may have forgotten you had. Staffers at the Caldwell-Lake George Library had a similar experience, except their discovery was very unusual.

Credit: Caldwell-Lake George Library/Facebook
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The library posted about their discovery on Facebook: "Hidden away in a shadowy display case was a long forgotten relic from our library's past: a mummified hand that used to belong to Mary Hubbell, our original librarian who served from 1908 to 1958."

Are you the only one who thinks this is the beginning of an urban legend? "The librarian searches the corridors of the library, searching for her lost hand. Unsuspecting patrons can sometimes feel her cold breath as she whispers 'SHHHHHH' in their ears."

Credit: Caldwell-Lake George Library/Facebook

The library itself dates back to 1887 when, according to their history, "DeWitt C. Hay (a past resident of Caldwell) bequeathed his property and possessions, which included his rather sizable personal library, to his widow, which resulted in the founding of the DeWitt C. Hay Library Association of Caldwell." The Village of Caldwell later became Lake George.

"Then, in 1893 Reverend Charles W. Blake (pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Caldwell) organized and chartered a library to be known as the Lake George Free Library." For more information about the library, you can visit their website HERE. 

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