Lady Gaga has apparently confirmed via her site that she will indeed release the follow up to ‘Born This Way’ in 2013. Gaga has said she will officially drop an announcement regarding the album in September, but also told her little monsters that the album will be out before the spring.

So it’ll be just about two years in between the new disc and ‘BTW,’ which dropped in May of 2011.

That newshound Ryan Seacrest also posted the news about the album dropping in 2013, so several sources are reporting on the news that Gaga will be gracing us with music sooner than later.

Here’s what we do know about the new album:

- She debuted a piano ballad called ‘Princess Die,’ which may or may not appear on the album, while on tour.

- Gaga also said that the new disc lacks the maturity and sense of responsibility that defined ‘BTW.’ She shared a new song with fans while in a car.

- A demo of ‘Nothing On (But the Radio)‘ also landed, leading to speculation that it could be the new single.

Also, if you’ve not joined, there’s no time like the present, especially if you are little monster. Gaga is posting a treasure trove of photos from her personal archive there. It’s instant access to some pretty cool stuff.

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