Meet the newest member of the Jonas family! Proud papa Kevin Jonas shared the first photo of him holding his newborn daughter on Instagram today (Feb. 5), and it is beyond adorable!

The eldest Jonas Brother and his wife, Danielle, welcomed their baby girl, Alena Rose Jonas, into the world last Sunday (Feb. 2). He pretty much live-tweeted the entire event, so it's a bit of surprise we had to wait three days to get our first glimpse of their newest family member.

"My beautiful girl so proud to be a dad," Kevin captioned the pic, showing him cradling the infant in his arms. "Alena Rose has stolen my heart." Frankly, with her sweet, sleepy little face and cute pink cap, she's stolen all of our hearts!

Two hours prior, image was also shared in an Instagram ad by laundry detergent company Dreft. "Alena Rose looks like a little star in her daddy's arms. @KevinJonas #BabyJonas," the company wrote. Let's hope that Kevin and Danielle's endorsement deal with the company also includes free laundry detergent -- with a brand-new baby in the home, they will probably need as much as they can get a hold of!

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