Kesha is the latest celebrity to speak out against animal cruelty in the wake of the controversy surrounding the death of Cecil, a beloved lion in Zimbabwe who was reportedly hunted and killed in July by an American dentist named Walter Palmer. The incident has sparked a worldwide debate criticizing the ethics of animal trophy hunting.

In a moving editorial for Time posted on Friday (July 31), the "Tik Tok" singer calls for more action from the community in regards to animal poaching.

"I was heartbroken along with so many Americans who are mourning the terrible killing of the lion Cecil by a man from Minnesota," she begins in her piece. "As an animal lover, I have traveled to Africa to walk amongst and view these stunning creatures in their natural habitat — taking care not to disturb them while also enjoying their presence."

Kesha goes on to shame Palmer, saying, "he must be a troubled man in need of help." She then adds, "Why else would he feel the need to pay more than $50,000 to have a team of people bait a lion into a spotlight to be shot just for fun?"

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter, who once made headlines for her eye-grabbing outfits and outrageous comments, is no stranger to animal rights: In 2013, she was honored with the Wyler Award at the Humane Society’s annual Genesis Awards. She also serves as the Humane Society's "First Global Ambassador for Animals."

"As a Global Ambassador to Humane Society International I am joining with Humane Society of the United States and its international arm ­Humane Society International ­in urging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to add the African lion to the endangered species list," she continues in her editorial. "Listing the African lion would then curtail Americans bringing their parts to U.S. soil, greatly decreasing the incentive for them to be killed in trophy hunts."

"It is a tragedy that Cecil was killed, and now his cubs face a grim reality that they may not grow to adulthood. But its an even bigger tragedy if our country continues to promote this behavior by allowing Americans to legally bring the skins and heads of African lions to the U.S. as trophies."

Click here to head on over to Time's site to read more about Kesha's mission to better protect wildlife from poachers.

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