Julia Roberts and Sally Field had the honor of breaking in the newest brainchild of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', in what turned out to be a hilariously rowdy game with a self-explanatory title — ‘Celebrity Curse-Off.’

The two actresses faced off on a game show-style set, with host Jimmy Kimmel reigning in between as he warned, “Cover your ears, America, because it’s time for our first-ever 'Celebrity Curse-Off!'”

Before letting the two actresses have at it, Jimmy took a moment to review the rules. Well... he tried. Apparently eager to get things started, Sally jumped right in and started throwing out a surprising number of curses. She was either tipped off in advance to come prepared, or Sally has the mouth of a sailor. By the way the dirty words seemed to just roll off her tongue, we’re going to go with the latter!

It was a battle of blonde versus brunette as the curse-off kicked off. Sally, there to promote ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ was cool and collected as she watched Julia flounder on every one of her turns. When the embarrassed star forced out her first profanity, heard as a beep to all us viewers at home, she screamed and covered her mouth with disbelief.

Not a problem for Sally! She popped off within seconds for her turns, and by the way her curses moved from just beeps to beeps and a censored mouth, we can only imagine how creatively filthy she got. To be honest, we’re pretty impressed.

We’re handing out an A for effort to Julia, who was in attendance to promote her own movie, ‘The Normal Heart.’ Sally is skilled in the way of obscenities, and we’re not sure anyone, least of all Julia — who at one point nervously shouted out ‘butthole’ — could hold his or her own against the first 'Curse-Off' winner.

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