Jimmy Fallon has finally gone too far. 'The Tonight Show' host famously likes to have fun with his celebrity guests, engaging them in modified parlor and drinking games, but he's seriously gone off the deep end this time around. Fallon hosted America's sweetheart Julia Roberts on last night's show, during which he had the beloved actress join him for a brand-new game: Face Balls.

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. It's a game about throwing balls in people's faces. The peg is, however, a bit unexpected: while the balls are being thrown, a super-high-definition camera is trained on the ball recipient, and the video is then played back in mega-slow-motion. Guess what? No one looks good in this format, even Julia Roberts, who might have very well died while this was going on.

And in case you need it, here's the money shot.

Julia Roberts Face Balls Video

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