The Jonas Brothers broke up earlier this year, canceling a tour and leaving the fate of 'V,' the album they were working on at the time of their split, up in the air for a hot minute.

The Bros. decided to release a final album, simply called 'Live,' to their fan club, featuring 10 live cuts from their tour this summer, along with five studio tracks meant for 'V.' You can listen to the five studio songs below.

'V' as a whole will earn cult status and be somewhat of a lost album, since it will go unreleased and remain shelved. (Until the reunion!) Hey, at least we get to hear some of the tunes that were meant for the record.

'The World' is swirly guitar pop, with some synths.

We have heard 'Wedding Bells' in the live realm, and it's a contemplative ballad with falsetto. It was said to be inspired by Nick Jonas' reaction to Miley Cyrus' engagement to Liam Hemsworth, which is now kaput.

'Neon' is also a synthy pop song.

'What Do I Mean to You' is also familiar, since it was performed live. It's a dark, synth-noir song with some riffiness and alt rock screams that is reportedly about Nick's fling with Rita Ora. It's super tense. If Jo Bros covered NIN, it'd sound like this.

'Found' is a beat-driven, mid-tempo jam, too.

Listen to 'The World'

Listen to 'Wedding Bells'

Listen to 'Neon'

Listen to 'What Do I Mean to You'

Listen to 'Found'

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