Joe Jonas is a proud uncle indeed.

The former Jonas Brother member became a first-time uncle when his brother Kevin (and Kevin's wife Danielle) welcomed baby Alena Rose to the family on Feb. 2.

"She's so tiny, it kind of scares me," Jonas revealed to E! "She was awake, kicking and smiling and grabbing for your finger," he revealed about hanging with his little niece.

The singer shared that his older brother and sister-in-law were over the moon about the new baby, but noted that it does come with some rites of passage that every parent has to go through.

"I mean he is a dad now and it's kinda crazy," Jonas revealed. "I know he has not gotten much sleep. He Instagrammed a picture at like 2 p.m. saying 'good morning' with the baby so he was probably was up all night with her as she was crying."

Still, bringing a new baby into the world -- and into the family -- has only helped the brothers to grow closer. Despite the band's breakup and each brother's individual activities -- while Kevin is busy being a new dad, Joe is focused on his solo career and Nick is the creative and musical director of Demi Lovato's Neon Lights tour -- Alena Rose has united the family in a genuinely sweet and sentimental way.

"I don't want to sound cheesy saying that but you just want to spend more time with each other and you're just excited for the next chapter for each other's lives."

So cute. Congratulations to the whole Jonas family!

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