Hartwick Adult Coed Volleyball Tournament

Lauren Pennino

This Saturday February 6th, Hartwick will be hosting their first ever Coed 6’s Volleyball tournament. Each team interested in participating will require a minimum of six people, and must pay a total of $120.00. It will be an additional $15 for any person exceeding six people plus one libero. The money will be collected from each team the day of.

The preferred amount of teams they are looking for in this tournament is around ten. The first teams to register will be guaranteed an automatic spot in the tournament. The tournament will begin at 8 A.M. in the Lambros Arena located on the Hartwick Campus. Due to the teams being Coed, there are some specific rules that must be followed. First, men are not allowed to block women at the net. Next, everyone will be following the USAV rules, and lastly each team must work at least one game throughout the day. Two sets to 25 points will be played during the pool play. The winner of the tournament will receive a grand prize at the conclusion of the tournament.

In order to register, email either head Hartwick Volleyball Coach James Clar at clark@hartwick.edu, or assistant Volleyball Coach Xiomara Ortiz at ortizx@hartwick.edu. Registration is also available through their Facebook page. Before registering make sure to have a team name, captain’s name, and a primary contact number to finalize the team’s registration.