A month ago we discussed the parking controversy in downtown Oneonta.  In a nutshell, the city wanted to eliminate seven parking spaces on Chestnut Street, including those in front of our Townsquare Media radio stations.  We objected, thinking the city was tackling this problem with a meat cleaver instead of a surgical knife.  Apparently, the cause of all of this dust-up is the size of the new buses purchased by OPT.  With their extra 4-inches it was too difficult for them to maneuver an already problematic intersection at Main and Chestnut.

The latest update is that just four of the parking spaces have been declared No Parking zones, but that three spaces, closer to NBT Bank on Wall Street, will stay.  They will be one hour parking only, but they will stay on "active parking duty" for now.

We think this is a reasonable compromise.

This is one of the new, wider OPT buses.