There is nothing like a father's love – and his love for embarrassing his children. At least, that’s what my experience is.

After seeing this Instagram video from user @mindybees (who has since taken it down), I know I’m not alone in this. These two dads hilariously mock their daughters at the beach and it’s too good not to watch.

We’ve all done it. We go about our day, come across a decent background, and snap a picture to upload to our socials. These two daughters may think twice the next time they get ready for a photoshoot. As one girl shoots the shots, the other is kneeling in the water posing for the camera, but the real stars are their fathers who are copying their photoshoot next to them. This dad is on all fours, striking pose after pose as the other dad aims to get the perfect angle, while the rest of the beach enjoys the entertainment.

Kudos to whoever decided to roll the cameras on this hilarious moment.

I laughed as I watched and quickly cringed. I totally empathize with the daughters as they begged their dads to stop embarrassing them. I’ll admit that my dad has never gone to such lengths to embarrass me, but there are plenty of instances that left me shaking my head.

Not to mention, I get it from two fronts, my dad and my stepdad. As a kid, my dad rocked a fanny pack and he got many eye rolls from yours truly. My stepdad is the king of dad jokes and loves to be the star of every conversation, even if no one is talking to him. But either way, the love from both of them makes up for any awkward moment they have caused.

That’s what dads are for. To give us unconditional love in their own, quirky way. Here’s to you, dads.

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