According to the Screen Time Report on my iPhone I spend an average of 55 minutes a day on Facebook. This is more than enough time to wish someone a happy birthday, get caught up on the latest political opinions and see a few snowfall pictures. Every once and a while I see something that stops the scrolling and puts life in perspective.

Yesterday I saw a story from ABC's News 10 that stopped me. It's about an area boy, Landon Groves, who is receiving help from family, friends and the famous. The News 10 headline grabbed me first as it mentioned the stars from the Netflix series Cobra Kai as well as Karate Kid Part 3. This story however has many stars and the biggest are from the Capital Region.

According to the report Landon was "diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome after birth, followed by High Risk B Cell  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia around Thanksgiving. The Leukemia is a form of cancer, currently in remission, and even with insurance, the cost of medication is steep."

How will they raise the needed money? With the help of FAMILY

  • Landon's Aunt Jennifer set up a GoFundMe page

With the help of FRIENDS

  • On Sunday (1/10) Maiello's Barbershop in South Glens Falls arranged an all day benefit for Landon at the shop featuring raffles and proceed from haircuts donated to the Groves family. As you will see from their Facebook page this isn't the first time Maiello's helped members of the community.


  • Maiello's owner Chris managed to secure encouraging video messages from actor Sean Kanan who played Mike Barnes in Karate Kid 3 and Susan Gallagher who plays Lynn on Cobra Kai. A 5 minute personal Zoom Meeting with Kanan was to be auctioned off for the benefit.

I love seeing our Capital Region neighbors doing good things for each other.


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