Woody Harrelson Drops By The Set of The White House Plumbers
Woody Harrelson, the star of the HBO's upcoming five-part Watergate series, "The White House Plumbers," wasn't scheduled to be filmed during day #1  of the downtown Albany shoot on Tuesday, but he dropped by on bike anyway.
It's pretty awesome to see big stars like Harrelson and Justin Ther…
Get Paid To Watch Movies
How cool would it be to watch movies and get paid while doing so? Sounds like a sweet little gig to me. I’m sure we all would love to work a job that requires a little to no work at all . Well here’s your chance . Disney + is hiring people to sit and watch 30 Disney m…
International Film Festival Coming to Norwich
The 1st annual Twin Tiers International Film Festival will be held at the Kappel Theater in Norwich September 7th, 8th and 9th. Fifty-two films will be screened over the 3 day festival which will also play host to cinematography and screenwriters workshops.

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