Caitlyn Jenner is intent on bringing visibility to the transgender movement with the release of her upcoming documentary, I Am Cait. And while some people are concerned that the docu-series may not handle things delicately enough, the network has taken steps to ensure that those worries go unfounded.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show has brought on three expert transgender consultants -- two Los Angeles-based therapists as well as Jennifer Finney Boylan, the national co-chair of GLAAD's board of directors -- in an attempt to make sure the documentary remains sensitive and careful in its portrayal of Caitlyn's experience as a trans woman.

Boylan's involvement in the documentary has, at the very least, allayed certain fears about I Am Cait, despite E!'s penchant for highlighting more scandalous details, usually for the sake of ratings. Dr. Michael LaSala said, "It’s hard to imagine that [Boylan would] be involved in something exploitative.”

And while some people are concerned that Caitlyn is becoming a symbol for the transgender movement when her story is not largely relatable to the majority of the community, others maintain that any positive representation in the media is a start. Aidan Key, the found of Seattle-based organization Gender Diversity, said, "...visibility and representation of transgender lives in the media has a pretty significant value.”

Hopefully, I Am Cait will maintain a similar tone to Caitlyn's two-hour long interview special with Diane Sawyer. The program was met largely with positive reactions, as it focused not only on Caitlyn's personal struggles, but also managed to be incredibly informative for viewers who may not have been as aware or knowledgeable about the transgender movement in general.

Meanwhile, PEOPLE unveiled a new promo image for the docu-series, featuring Caitlyn in a wrap dress, which you can check out on their site.

The first episode of I Am Cait is set to air on July 26 at 8PM EST on E!

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