From breaking Billboard chart records with every new release to selling out stadiums all around the globe, BTS are worldwide superstars. Headlines about anything and everything they do flood our timelines (which we’re not mad at): What Western artist is smooching up to them next, any new collaborations in sight, even what fabric softener they use — to quote American pop star and BTS' friend/collaborator Halsey: “[We] want it!” However, the boys are far more than your average glitzy pop stars, and ARMY, their fandom, are the first ones to know this.

Other than the members’ evident musical talents and their many commendable altruistic endeavors that have attracted millions of fans from all corners of the world, the seven men of BTS are also comic geniuses who are unafraid to be silly and show their fun side to their fans. They always have ARMYs grinning from ear to ear over their antics, whether it’s their annual April Fools Twitter escapades or a funny skit made during the latest episode of their show, Run BTS!

While fans probably have every single silly BTS moment ever burned into their memory, reminisce below on a few of our favorite gems.

  • 1

    Jungkook Getting His Life Dancing to Billie Eilish

    At this point, BTS are next to synonymous with “breaking records,” and their social media activities are no different. In 2019, Jungkook broke the internet by uploading a short video of himself dancing to Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” in a cute and carefree manner. The video ultimately became the group’s first to reach two million likes, beating J-Hope’s “In My Feelings” challenge.

  • 2

    BTS and Halsey’s Friendship Goals

    The caption says it all: This is how BTS and Halsey prepared before she joined them onstage in Paris to perform their hit collaboration “Boy With Luv” in June 2019. The video is yet another cute display of the genuine friendship these eight people have developed over the last couple of years, and we can’t get enough of it!

  • 3

    Halsey and RM’s Secret Handshake

    The SS HalseyxBTS is happily sailing and we officially stan. Since the release of “Boy With Luv” we’ve been showered with cute interactions between the two acts. And after getting a short glimpse of Halsey and RM’s handshake in the music video, they finally shared the full thing on social media. Nothing solidifies a friendship like a secret handshake, right?

  • 4

    Suga Dropping the Mic on Everyone With This Pickup Line

    Just because BTS probably don’t have time to date doesn’t mean they haven’t been repeatedly asked about it throughout their promos in the U.S. When asked what pickup lines the guys would use to get a date after winning their first Billboard award, Suga dropped the mic on all of us with his honest and direct response.

  • 5

    The ‘95 Line’s Shared Brain Cell

    What do you get when you let V and Jimin, also known as 95z, loose? Pure hilarity. These two 1995 babies are so in sync they have even reacted at the same time with the same expressions on many occasions. Vmin’s connected body language speaks to their incredibly close bond and friendship.

  • 6

    These Sleep-Related 95z Shenanigans

    But just as V and Jimin’s bond makes for many funny moments for the viewer, much to the dismay of their hyungs (older brothers), it can also work against them IRL. Vmin, being the ever-chaotic-good duo, never spare the opportunity to liven up the mood —even if that means ganging up on the rest of the members who are trying to sleep.

  • 7

    Jin Nailing “Carbonara” After Jimin Butchered It

    Whoever thought about having BTS play the Whisper Challenge deserves an Emmy. And Jin, too. Jin also deserves an MVP award for figuring out Jimin’s gibberish that almost sabotaged the game.

  • 8

    V Would Want to Be a What, Now?

    Leave it to V to say the wildest things with the straightest face. Granted, he said “saxophone” player and not “sexy porn star,” but it still made for a hilarious moment.

  • 9

    Something, Erm, “Dangling” When RM Twerks

    In terms of iconically hilarious BTS moments, one for the history books is definitely when the group learned how to twerk. It was all going pretty well until RM tried to do it and said “something” kept “dangling” from his body as he did, making Jin scold him in disbelief.

  • 10

    BTS Clowning Halsey Saga, Jungkook Edition

    The running gag during the “Boy In Luv” era has been to playfully make fun of Halsey’s “I want it!” line in the song. Though J-Hope is usually the culprit, this time, Jungkook took the opportunity to endearingly mock her by saying it during a recent Vlive.

  • 11

    J-Hope Singing “Despacito” With Perfect Spanish

    Singing in a foreign language on camera can be a daunting task. Not for J-Hope though, who belted out “Despacito” in perfect Spanish pronunciation during an interview —we love a multilingual king!

  • 12

    Jin’s Unofficial Publicist, Park Jimin

    Every time a member is absent from a group broadcast, some fans panic. On this particular instance, Jimin took it upon himself to inform everyone that Jin was sick and that we needed to calm down ‘cause he was okay. He even said it in English so there would be no misunderstandings.

  • 13

    BTS’ Questionable English Names

    Just because RM was the only one to actually change his stage name doesn’t mean the rest of the group haven’t thought about alternative names in English. Jin? Jimin? Jungkook? Sorry, I only know Genie, Christian Chim Chim and Justin Seagull.

  • 14

    Questionable English Names… Round 2!

    Since the first time they were asked about their English names, the members had some time to really think about their choices and make a more concrete decision. Jin went from Genie to Bread Genie, Jimin from Christian Chim Chim to J-Move and RM from Monie to… Porrrnesia Parrrapio. And okay, maybe 95z isn’t that in sync all the time — case in point when V couldn’t understand Jimin’s new name.

  • 15

    This High-Energy Music Show Win

    Even with all those trophies that don’t fit in their bags, winning on music shows is always a happy moment for BTS. Such wins also offer the perfect moment to wild out, apparently. When the group won for “Run” on Music Bank, the guys spent the entire encore performance partying like there was no one watching on national TV. But also, get someone who looks at you the way Suga stares at the trophy.

  • 16

    When They (Mostly) Failed at Not Flinching

    There’s so much to unpack here, from RM calling out J-Hope and Jin as the cowards in the group, to Jin peacocking his confidence, to them actually failing miserably in the game, to RM almost falling over on his attempt, to V being ice cold and resulting as the ultimate winner of the game. Bless The Late Late Show With James Corden for giving us quality content of most of the boys losing their cool playing Flinch.

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