Have you detected anything different about radio or television car ads in the last few months?

Billy Fuccillo aka "Mr. Huuuuge" has been noticeably absent from local television and radio commercials for some time, and some have begun to wonder what his absence means.  His son, Billy Jr. appears to have taken over the 7 Capital Region car dealerships under the Fuccillo brand while the big guy, not exactly shy about camera time simply hasn't been around.

Speculation of his whereabouts have surfaced on various websites (where readers provide most of the content) and nobody really seems to know.  Far be it from me to speculate what his absence means, all I know is that as hard as Billy Fuccillo has worked for the last 40 plus years, I hope he's enjoying some rest and relaxation.

His television and radio commercials - which some people find a bit over the top - have always amused me.  His carefree off-the-cuff approach to his ads are a refreshing and fun change of pace and most importantly, they worked.  That's the goal of advertising and whether you liked the style of his ads or not, he got you to pay attention and remember his brand. Everyone knows at least one person who either bought a car from him, worked for him or ran into him at a restaurant or casino.

Most know by now that his success isn't limited to the dealerships he owns here in the Capital Region.  Mr. Huge owns nearly 30 car dealerships from New York to Florida, and his Kia dealership in Ft. Meyers was recognized as the #1 dealership in the world. 

Recently though, Fuccillo sold that Florida Kia dealership for a reported 36 million dollars.  It was also reported that he sold his waterfront home in southwest Cape Coral, Florida for a whopping 2.25 million dollars.

According to Realtor.com, this 3 bedroom, 5 bath, 4,400 sq. foot custom built luxury home boosts "coffered ceilings, crown molding, double sided gas fireplace, sound system, honed wood, slate, & travertine floors, 3-car garage with AC, even your own private wine cellar." Oh, by the way, the second floor balcony only offers some of the most stunning southwest Florida sunsets.

This place is truly spectacular.  Not bad for a guy who scraped together enough money to buy his first dealership 40 years ago up near Watertown.

Let's take look into his former home and see just how HUUUGE Fuccillo was living.


See just how HUUGE Billy Fuccillo was living down in Florida

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