Eleven years ago, I took my first steps with Fun 107. Literally, as in my very first day, and it wasn't even in the studio.

JR, Michael Rock, and the promotions team needed all hands on deck for a meet-and-greet that nobody who was present will ever forget.

When word came down that Big Time Rush was coming to Fairhaven to meet their SouthCoast fans, it was absolute chaos that nobody saw coming. Thousands upon thousands of fans showed up, hoping, wishing, praying for a chance to meet the Nickelodeon TV stars and the line began growing rapidly.

Hear me out when I say that Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos stayed until the very last person was seen and greeted. From that day on, I've had nothing but love and respect for BTR. Fast-forward to 2022, 11 years later, I've reconnected with the band as well as the lovely Dixie D'Amelio, who will be the opening act and special guest for Big Time Rush's "The Forever Tour".

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Big Time Rush will perform June 26 in Boston at Leader Bank Pavilion -- greatest hits and newest song “Not Giving You Up,” which will have a world premiere Feb. 25.

I got the opportunity to go one-on-one with the fab five (Yes, D'Amelio, I got you!) to pick their brains about more than just their music and careers.

Fun 107 will give away five pairs of tickets, so do yourself a favor and download that Free Fun 107 app and stay tuned for further contest details.

Big Time Rush Visits Fairhaven 2011

Pictures from the infamous Fun 107 Big Time Rush appearance at Monster Mini Golf in Fairhaven.

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