Barbadian sensation Rihanna, former pop star and current sock designer, has done a lot of things in the time since releasing her last studio album, 2012's Unapologetic. What she has not done, however, is release her follow-up album ANTI — otherwise known as #R8 — leading to a 3 year (and counting) drought for an increasingly impatient Rihanna Navy.

True, she's chucked out a few singles along the way over the year(s): "FourFiveSeconds." "Bitch Better Have My Money." "American Oxygen." Fine, sure. But to date (January 4)? Still no ANTI. And for a pop princess who, until this forthcoming album, released an album every single year, her absence has become particularly glaring.

To illustrate the many things she's done rather than release the highly awaited, oft-delayed album, I've rounded up just a few of the (apparently more important) things that Rihanna has done with her time instead. Scroll through up top.


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